touch screen case study

Exploring Triumphs: A Deep Dive into Touch Screen Case Studies by Leading Experts

Insights, Solutions, and Success Stories from the Forefront of Touch Screen Innovation


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horapark touchscreen digital signage
Horapark: Touch Screen Solution

Learn how we built a touch screen solution which enables the client to effectively communicate with visitors, improve navigation, and optimize efficacy

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ti hub case study
TI HUB: Revolutionizing Coworking

Learn how our unique and completely integrated intelligent displays and touchscreen signage can enhance your business seamlessly

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Digital Kiosk Touch Screen solution
P&O Ferries: Visitor Management

Improve Visitor Experience: Unveiling the Impact of P&O Ferries' Digital Kiosk Touch Screen Solution

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Cuts Colours Touchscreen solution
Cuts & Colors: Touch Screen Salon Software

Unleashing innovation: seamless check-ins, trendy lookbooks and a digital hair adventure

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Touch screen solution for Red Star
Redstar: Touch Screen Visitor Check in Solution

Transforming visitor engagement and efficiency through digital innovation

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Zaanse Schans touch screen solutions
Zaanse Schans: Touch screen tourist attraction check in solution

Improving the tourist experience through innovative digital solutions

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Moniac interactive touch screen solution
Moniac: Interactive Touch Screen University

Explore how to increase the engaging experience for visitors by implementing an interactive touch screen solution, appealing to both young and old audiences

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Transformatorweg touchscreen solution
Transformatorweg: Wayfinding touch screen for offices

Check how the Transformatorweg offices implemented a touchscreen solution to revolutionize wayfinding, providing accurate navigation assistance for visitors

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interactive daiwa house touch screen
Daiwa House: Touch screen software for employees

Learn about how the touch screen software solution streamlined document management, enhanced task completion, and promoted sustainability among employees

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Business Center touchscreen solution
Newton Business Center: Touch Screen Business Center

Revolutionizing Internal Communication and Visitor Experience

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schiphol touch screen digital reception solution
Smart Digital Wayfinding at Schiphol Real Estate

Enhance Your Workspace: Seamless Navigation, Dynamic Impressions – Unleash the Power of Digital Signage 

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Touch screen solution digital reception
Univé Sliedrecht Digital Reception Transformation

Improving Customer Experience: Efficiency, Innovation, and Seamless Service through a Touch Screen Solution

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Nutricia digital signage touch screen solution
Nutricia's Innovative Touchscreen Experience

Increasing Visitor Engagement: Transformative Digital Signage for an Immersive Brand Encounter

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Software voor Opticiens touch screen solution
Touchscreen's Solution for Opticians

Revolutionizing Optical Experiences: Enhanced Eyewear Selection through Innovative Touchpoints

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wtc touchscreen solution
Enhancing Connectivity at World Trade Center Rotterdam

Real-Time Transit Information:
Unlocking Efficiency Through Intuitive Touchpoints for Seamless Transportation

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Jan Snel digital signage solution
Jan Snel: Touch screen for construction industry

Transform traditional processes into seamless digital workflows

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Toro touch screen solution
Toro: Visitor Management with Touch screen Business Solutions

Efficiency, safety and style redefined in the business office workspace in Zurich

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Zuyderland Ziekenhuis touch screen solution nameboards
Zuyderland Ziekenhuis: Touch screen kiosks for hospitals

Efficiency meets innovation in client's sustainable signage transformation

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Uitvaartcentrum touchscreen solution
Uitvaartcentrum: Touchscreen funeral

Improve the visitor experience at your cemetery or funeral home with touch screen digital signage that offers compassionate support during difficult times.

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touchscreen custom app development for entertainment park 1
Blijdorp: Touchscreen custom app development

Our client wanted a custom touch screen quiz app to engage visitors and educate them about animal conservation statuses. Here's how we tackled the project and the difference it made.

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They switch gears very quickly, and the company has a team of driven developers where nothing is impossible.

Jitse Boer, Account Manager, AV & ICT Company

The custom software solution doubled the delivery figures, and the efficiency increased by more than 100%.

Danijel Arsenkovic, Project Coordinator, Mobile & Web Portal

We're impressed with the flexibility of the custom-made CMS and the quick and professional way of meeting our needs.

Jeffrey Broere, CEO, Invelo Agency