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  Get Free Consultation is your all-around touchscreen partner. From the first consultation to the installation on-site,. We offer the complete solution from A to Z. 


How We Work

When we say we take care of everything, we really mean everything. Touchscreen solutions have several components. It starts with the software, determining the interface of your touchscreen solution. On to the hardware, where the solution takes shape. Next is the installation, bringing the touchscreen to life. And finally, most importantly, the ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your solution works consistently.


How We Work 5 step process at Touchscreen


1: The Orientation Phase

In this phase, we get to know each other during an introductory meeting. We will introduce you to our working method and discover your wishes and needs. Based on this, we make an inventory and describe your ideal touchscreen. This document contains all the required features and details of your custom touchscreen solution, including both hardware and software components.


2: The Development Phase

Once you have approved the custom touchscreen proposal and agreed on the budget, we will start working on your solution. This is a process in which we go back and forth between us and the client, to make sure everything is as it should be. This assures the client can give feedback in the meantime, as opposed to only at the end. 


3: The Testing Phase

Once your software product is developed, we will start testing the solution. By testing the software first, bugs can be detected and removed, preventing any surprises on the day of installation. This makes your software future-proof and bug-resilient.


4: The Installation Phase

Once everything is set and the software is working properly, our installation team will install the full solution—software and hardware—at your location. We won’t leave until it is installed perfectly, at the right spot, and at the right angle. 


5: The Support and Maintenance Phase

Our collaboration doesn’t end on the day of installation, it has actually just begun. Touchscreen solutions need ongoing maintenance; they’re just like cars. By adding a maintenance contract to your touchscreen solution, we will guarantee support when bugs occur or updates ought to be made. 



It sounds like a working method that suits your company's values? Take the first step towards our collaboration by contacting us today. Together we’ll provide you with the best touchscreen solution possible. 


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